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    2. What we can learn from Louis Pasteur

      What we can learn from Louis Pasteur

      Friday night reading – you know I love breakthrough stories.

      I knew Louis Pasteur was the father of microbiology and known for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, pasteurization, and the causes and prevention of diseases. I knew his discoveries have saved many lives. I didn’t know the sacrifice, the danger and the obstacles he had to overcome:

      • To find the cure for rabies he had to endure working with mad dogs and overcome extreme doubt about the first test injection;
      • He was mocked and ridiculed for suggesting hand washing to prevent infection and the spread of disease. It took 19 years before that practice was widely accepted;
      • One of his colleagues died helping stop the spread of cholera in Egypt, he wrote “he died on the battlefield of science passing through this life with a higher thought to which he sacrificed all else.

      I know most of us aren’t solving such complex problems, yet our obstacles have the same impact on whatever we are trying to accomplish.

      What I learned from Louis is:

      ? Despite his doubts and fears, he continued to take action
      ? Despite the confusion, lack of clarity he kept moving forward
      ? He stepped backed to gain perspective vs becoming overwhelmed
      ? He became resourceful, seeking out the necessary help
      ? He distanced himself from any drama
      ? He stayed focused on his commitments despite his feelings
      ? He developed and refined a growth mindset

      My biggest takeaway is: it is vital you take consistent action in spite of your fears and doubts.


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